How to Be Bushfire Prepared

According to the results of a recent poll, the majority of 5MU listeners say they know their Bushfire Survival Plan.

Residents in bushfire prone areas are being urged to consider the steps they will take to help safeguard their property and what actions each member of the household will take on fire risk days and if a fire threatens.

Jennie Lenman spoke to CFS Media Officer Brett Williamson and Murray Bridge Commander Ray Jackson earlier in the year about preparedness, following the Cherry Gardens bushfires. She shares a highlight of the chat again in this podcast to inspire action.

Find out what you can and can’t do during the Fire Danger Season, for more contact the CFS Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.

Head to the CFS website to find out more about how to make a Bushfire Survival Plan.

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