Extraordinary Story of Murray Bridge’s Olympic Rowers

 The Cods 1913 crew with coach Teddy Higgs, supplied by Wayne Groom

A legendary story about a Murray Bridge rowing team who overcame significant obstacles to represent Australia in the 1924 Olympics is being told on national television in May.

Documentary filmmakers Wayne Groom and Carolyn Bilsborow spent years researching and documenting the trials and tribulations of the eight men who made it big.

They visited London, Dublin, Paris and Tasmania to make the film, interviewing descendants and digging through historical records.

In 2016 they released their epic two-hour documentary and have recently edited it down to 42 mins for a special national screening on the Nine Network on Sunday 10 May at noon.

According to Mr Groom, the catalyst for the team’s success was coach Teddy Higgs who was on a trip from Tasmania in 1910, passing through the town.

Captain Higgs provided some guidance to the rowers who begged him to stay and as fate would have it, he decided to not return to the train.

“Even though they were a poor club, they didn’t have a boat house, they didn’t really have a boat for a long time, they had one precious thing and that was the River Murray…. Teddy took them on rows of 60 mils on the River Murray, building up their stamina and their ability to just keep going,” Mr Groom said.

‘Paris or the Bush: The Story of the Cods’ will air on the’ Nine Network on Sunday, May 10, at 12pm.

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