Justice for Young Online Victims – Sonya Ryan

Sonya Ryan and Jennie Lenman at Radio Adelaide

Sonya Ryan has passionately been pushing for tougher laws against online sexual predators since her teenage daughter was murdered 10 years ago by a 50-year-old man who pretended to be a young man in order to lure her into a meeting.

Last Thursday 15 June 2017, the Federal Parliament enacted ‘Carly’s Law’, allowing police the power to intervene when someone is lying about their identity and age to a minor on the internet.

“She was really a compassionate, loving girl, she was really sensitive and I think this is very much in line to what  she would want to see happening”

Sonya Ryan, Carly’s mother, and founder of Carly Ryan Foundation joins Jennie Lenman to discuss.

You can hear Senator Nick Xenophon’s interview about Carly’s Law, here.

Content Property of Radio Adelaide. Originally published on Radio Adelaide 19 June 2017.

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