A Celebration of Hills Roadside Stalls

roadside stalls brendan kilpatrick

Over one thousand people have joined a Facebook group ‘Adelaide Hills Roadside Stalls‘ in three weeks, in enthusiastic support of a plan to document and map the location of farm stalls in the region.

Founder of the group, Brendan Kilpatrick, his partner Steph and their 4-year-old son Charlie, moved back to the Hills in April after living in Sydney.

As they fell back in love with the region, they decided to record locations of each stall during their weekend adventures.

Contributors to his Facebook group are sharing photos and experiences exploring the region’s produce, flowers, fertiliser, seedling and bric-a-brac stalls.

“We’re encouraging people to post up to a couple of times a week to post what they have on offer and then we’re encouraging people who are out there discovering these stalls, like we are, to share what they have found,” Mr Kilpatrick said.

“We’ve just been overwhelmed; there is a real community there of people that are enjoying doing this as much as we are and and some really fabulous looking stalls and products that people have been able to find and share along the way.”

Mr Kilpatrick is aiming to create a map for visitors in the near future, to generate more support for local producers, particularly those hit by the summer’s bushfires.

“We think there’s an opportunity to help support a lot of the small local business in town too, which obviously took a hit through the bushfires and everything that’s happened this year, so we’re currently looking at ways to distribute these [maps] with, say, the purchase of a coffee from any number of cafes that we have across the Hills.”

deb foster.png

Here is Brendan having a chat with Jennie Lenman about the project.

Story by Jennie Lenman
Photo supplied by Brendan Kilpatrick


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